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Random update/ rambling

2017-04-04 01:14:20 by Dizzy-Mis-Lizzy

by the time ive made this account it had been basically YEARS since Ive not only tried to make a new account somewhere but tried to interact with new people. and considering how shy and socially awkward I can be I really dont 100% know why I made this yet at the same time I find it to be quite interesting. 

That being said college is a bitch its been says since ive been on here. Really should check here more often. I am working on a new animation but I dunno if I should post it here. Not because I dont think people will like it but because theres music in it and im stil not 100% sure what this websites policy on music is. meanwhile ive been thinking of posting my art here while I work on that just to give you guys something to look at. Would at least help me feel more comfortable coming on here cuz as ive said before im horrible with meeting new people.


anyway till next time


~Dizzy Miss Lizzy

Hello There

2017-03-13 19:30:01 by Dizzy-Mis-Lizzy

So uhm hello there newgrounds. Im Dizzy Miss Lizzy and im a newly starting animator.

When I say new I mean I started last year after taking my first animation class in college. Prior to that ive tried animating before but....yeah that didnt turn out so well. Ive actually had an idea of making an account on this website for a long time too ive just been talking myself out of it a lot cuz ive been scared.

What I hope to get from this webside is simple...Im looking for advice and critisisms that will further help with my animations that will hopefully help me improve.

Guess thats it. Hope to talk again soon.


~Dizzy Miss Lizzy